Sports, Entertainment and Technology (Fintech) Lawyers / Law Firm in Nigeria

At Adeola Oyinlade & Co, our attorneys are experts with deep knowledge of the local and international sports, entertainment and technology industries.

Our clients include small and medium-sized companies, sports associations, clubs, sports entrepreneurs, players, film directors, actors, musical artistes, athletes, producers, record and technology companies and more, and we help them with well-time responsive legal services at any stage of their business/career.

Our firm provides quality representation, contract drafting, contract review and due diligence to athletes, sportsmen and other stakeholders in the sport industry within and outside Nigeria.

We also offer legal services and advisory to international fintech and ICT based companies setting up business in Nigeria and obtaining licenses from regulatory bodies.

Our services in these thematic areas include:

  • Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution – mediation services
  • Business advisory and regulatory and compliance
  • Player/ Athlete Contracts
  • Artiste/Producers/Songwriter/ Contract
  • Music and Movie licensing and distribution agreement
  • Commercial Endorsement Deals
  • Entertainment Contract Review and Negotiation
  • Intellectual Property Rights – Copyright, Trademarks and Patent,
  • Sports and Entertainment Project Financing
  • Players/Agent/Club Agreement

Our team of lawyers in Nigeria also serves clients from individual through small businesses to public and private companies, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms while providing litigation, advisory and other support services.

Adeola Oyinlade & Co is a leading sport, entertainment and technology law firm known for providing competent, innovative, cost-effective and well-timed responsive services from the commercial hub of Lagos, Nigeria.

For consultation, contact us at or call +234 803 826 7683 on sport, entertainment and technology law related services in Nigeria.

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