Quick Legal Services

Because our attorneys operate remotely, we offer a well-time high-quality service at a reasonable cost for clients in need of a contract written or review, legal forms, guidance on a dispute, an employment law issue, or to settle an intellectual property issue.

We have the following Quick Services:

Wills and Probate Services

For our well versed services in wills and probate, we have the competence to assist you in all aspects of will writing and probate, understanding the responsibilities of an Executor, and many more.

Contract Services

Our experienced lawyers work daily with large and small businesses to help them in contract drafting, contract review and due diligence services. Our team has the requisite experience, training, and skills to offer a wide variety of legal services.

Company Registration

We pride ourselves in well-time Business, company and NGO Registration in Nigeria. Our Company or Business Registration Services are also delivered to our clients within and outside Nigeria with Business Consulting and Tax Identification Number.

Company Secretarial Services

We cut through complexity to provide clear and precise company secretarial services to our clients in Nigeria in accordance with the laws in force. Our Company Secretariat Services includes attending regulatory meetings, filling with government agencies, advisory on tax law and corporate practice in accordance with enabling laws in Nigeria.

Intellectual Property

At Adeola Oyinlade & Co, we provide intellectual property services including trademark registration, patent registration, and copyright registration.

Sport Law

Our firm provides quality representation, contract drafting, contract review and due diligence to athletes, sportsmen and other stakeholders in the sport industry within and outside the country.

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