Energy, Natural Resources law Lawyers / Law Firm in Nigeria

As the Nigeria’s energy market is evolving, our team of energy lawyers at Adeola Oyinlade & Co provide legal support to all stakeholders including suppliers, investors, government agencies, developers, landowners, generators covering all transition aspects and net zero, renewable energy and low carbon projects.

Our lawyers are well-versed and very knowledgeable with deep understanding of the commercial and regulatory issues in the energy sector, including oil and gas law; power projects, solid minerals including renewable energy.

Our expertise in the energy and natural resources area includes:

  • Legal framework including foreign investment laws and regime in Nigeria
  • Litigation, dispute resolution, arbitration, and mediation
  • Company incorporation
  • Awards, grants and assets acquisitions (advisory and financing)
  • Acquisition and disposal of renewable assets
  • Due diligence on renewable energy assets and contracts
  • Sale & purchase agreements for all types of renewable energy and power projects
  • Negotiating and drafting industry commercial agreements
  • Joint venture and development agreements
  • Consent, Regulatory and compliance matters
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and providing legal review of environmental statements and habitat regulation appraisals
  • Tax
  • Structured products and foreign investment advisory services
  • Service and availability contracts
  • Operation and maintenance contracts for the continued operation and efficient use of the generating equipment

Our team of lawyers in Nigeria also serves clients from individual through small businesses to public and private companies, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms while providing litigation, advisory and other support services.

Adeola Oyinlade & Co is a leading energy and natural resources law firm known for providing competent, innovative, cost-effective and well-timed responsive services from the commercial hub of Lagos, Nigeria.

For consultation, contact us at or call +234 803 826 7683 on energy and natural resources related services in Nigeria.

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