International Finance & Foreign Investment Lawyers / Law Firm in Nigeria

Adeola Oyinlade & Co is a leading Nigerian law firm in direct foreign and international investment and finance law services in Nigeria. Over the years, we have provided legal services and advisory to foreign investors and companies setting up businesses, the Nigerian Investment law, various tax incentives, easier method of capital remittance, procurement of permits and other licenses in Nigeria.

Our firm has over the years assisted several international companies and multi-national organisations seeking help in corporate and commercial laws and setting up foreign-owned companies and businesses in Nigeria. Adeola Oyinlade & Co provides distinctive legal needs for international and multi-national businesses in all areas of due-diligence and requirements for regulatory compliance for takeoff of foreign & international companies and investors in Nigeria.

Our areas of focus include:

Registration of company for foreign client in Nigeria, foreign Investment Legal Services, Business Permit approval, Expatriate Quota approval, approvals with Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), due diligence with statutory bodies, international business transactions, all necessary approvals with Ministry of Interior & Trade in Nigeria, banking compliance and Legal guide on opening of bank account, Certificate of Capital Importation (CCI), Tax law, Merger & Acquisition, Intellectual Property (Trademark, Patent, Design & Copyrights), Immigration related matters including: Resident Permit and CERPAC approval, Employment law, General Commercial litigation & mediation, Import & Export Licences, acquisition of business office, Lease for foreign companies and related real estate related matters, trade and investment in Nigeria law firm services.

Our team of lawyers in Nigeria also serves clients from individual through small businesses to public and private companies, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms while providing litigation, advisory and other support services.

Adeola Oyinlade & Co is a leading International finance and direct foreign investment law firm known for providing competent, innovative, cost-effective and well-timed responsive services from the commercial hub of Lagos, Nigeria.

For consultation, contact us at or call +234 803 826 7683 on direct foreign and international investment and finance law services in Nigeria.

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