Maritime, Shipping, Aviation & Transport Lawyers / Law Firm in Nigeria

At Adeola Oyinlade & Co, we have a team of competent and experience maritime, shipping, aviation and Transport law experts well-positioned to deliver superb services.

We provide maritime, shipping, aviation and transport -related services to companies, ship-owners, charterers, ship and airline agents, Firms, and other entities in the Nigerian and International Maritime, shipping, aviation and Transport Industries.

While we act as legal advisers to local and international clients in respect of aircraft acquisition, financing, leasing among other aviation related legal advisory services, we also service international airline operators and investors coming to Nigeria on legal and regulatory requirements for establishing and operating airlines in the largest Africa’s economy country.

Our services include reviewing of agreements and documentations to comply with the relevant Aviation Laws and regulatory bodies, drafting user agreements for foreign and local investors in the Aviation, maritime and transport industries, due diligence on companies, joint ventures involved in maritime, aviation and commercial transactions and contracts.

Our firm also takes up Flight delays & cancellation compensation related matters.

As a leading maritime, shipping, aviation and Transport law firm in Nigeria, our legal team are well knowledgeable in Nigerian laws.

Our services in Nigeria include:

  • General legal advice to clients in all aspect of commercial aviation, maritime and transport
  • Shipping & other aviation litigation/ Arbitration
  • Negotiations and preparation of legal documents for the acquisition, financing and leasing of aircrafts.
  • Registration of Vessels
  • Drafting of joint venture agreements between local and foreign airlines
  • Energy and offshore Operations
  • Flight delays & cancellation compensation
  • International Sale and Trade
  • Vessel Acquisition and Finance
  • Cargo Claim
  • Vessel Arrests
  • Cargo Defense
  • Ship Building Contracts
  • Flight delays & cancellation compensation

Our team of lawyers in Nigeria also serves clients from individual through small businesses to public and private companies, foreign law firms and international consultancy firms while providing litigation, advisory and other support services.

Adeola Oyinlade & Co is a leading maritime, shipping, aviation and transport law firm known for providing competent, innovative, cost-effective and well-timed responsive services from the commercial hub of Lagos, Nigeria.

For consultation, contact us at or call +234 803 826 7683 on maritime, shipping, aviation and transport -related services in Nigeria.