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Music Business in Nigeria: Lack of Understanding of Rights, Legal Protection by Artists and Mechanism for Ensuring Fair Compensation

In the captivating landscape of African music, Nigerian music has emerged as one of the most vibrant in Africa, garnering accolades such as BET and MOBO Awards, Grammy nominations and other global recognition. It has emerged as a pivotal force in the Afrobeats scene, showcasing a blend of traditional African beats, highlife, and modern Western […]

Professional Football Player Contract: An Overview of Essential Terms and Guide for Players, Agents and Football Clubs

Introduction Football contracts are captivating and intricate aspect of the sports world. The complexities and negotiations involved can leave fans and even players bewildered. However, gaining a comprehensive understanding of football contracts is crucial for anyone involved in the sport.  Contracts play a crucial role in professional football, serving as the cornerstone of the relationship […]

The Process for Conducting Search and Verifying Land Titles In Lagos, Nigeria

Conducting land search and verifying land title of a landed property is important for the purpose of ascertaining that the land or property has a good root of title or for detecting any defect in the title. Land searches and verifications involve carrying out due diligence at the Land Registry and other applicable places depending […]

The Legal Right of Landlord and Tenant In Tenancy Matter In Lagos, Nigeria

Tenancy in Lagos state is regulated by the tenancy law of Lagos state and which defines the rights, duties, privileges, powers, and remedies open to both tenants and landlords. Thus, it is important that parties in a tenancy know their rights and that of the other for a fair environment. RIGHTS OF A TENANT A […]

The Enforcement of Fundamental Rights in Nigeria

Fundamental rights are rights that are protected by the constitution from violation. While human rights are inherent to all people regardless of their personal, social or religious conditions, fundamental rights are specifically identified in a constitution as requiring a high degree of protection. They are fundamental because they are important to the dignity and liberty […]

Guide On How to Register a Vessel/Ship in Nigeria

Shipping in Nigeria is regulated by the Nigerian Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, 2003 and the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is statutorily empowered with jurisdiction over the licensing and registration of ships and shipping companies in Nigeria. Ships are required to be registered in other to have national character to permit […]

Procedure for Writing a Valid Will in Nigeria

A Will is generally the last wishes or instructions of a deceased person in writing. Where a person dies having a Will, he is called a testator and where there is no Will, he is said to have died intestate. A will allows for the distribution of the estate and properties of a testator in […]

Passengers’ Rights and Remedies Under The Nigerian Civil Aviation Act

The Nigeria Civil Aviation Act, 2006 regulates the Nigerian Aviation Industry through the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA). The NCAA is empowered to make regulations guiding the aviation industry and as such established the Civil Aviation Regulations 2015. Over the years, airline customers have made several complaints of flight delays and persistent cancellation of flights […]

An Overview of Cybercrimes and Internet Regulations in Nigeria

Any crime or illegal activity committed in the use of computers and network is referred to as a cybercrime. The Cybercrimes (Prohibition and Prevention, etc.) Act 2015 (“Cybercrimes Act”), is the principal legislation for the regulation of all activities in the Nigeria cyber space involving a computer and internet network. The Cybercrimes Act is vital […]

The Scope of Data Protection Legislation In Nigeria

In Nigeria the principal legislation for the regulation of data protection is the Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023 (“NDPA”) which was signed into law by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on 14 June 2023. The provisions of the NDPA is regulated and enforced by The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (“NDPC”), which is the body responsible for […]

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